The Game Shelf Podcast

Season 2: Star Wars Edge of the Empire – Edge of Development

Join Chas (Ali’Possible), Michelle (BB-NA), Jess (BY-R1 “Byron”) and Kevin (Gogue), led by Game Master Matt, as they combine their love for Arrested Development with the Star Wars Edge of the Empire Roleplaying Game in the Edge of Development.

Season 1: Pandemic Legacy

We (Matt, Jess, Jenn, and Chas) play through of Pandemic: Legacy, the cooperative board game where we save a world on the brink of biological disaster. But in this game, each time we play, the board is permanently changed, new rules are added to the rulebook, cards are ripped up, and additional components are revealed. No two copies of the game will ever play out the same way. This is our story of trying to save the world.

This a series of episodes running through our campaign of Pandemic Legacy, which includes between 12-24 games depending on how well we do. If we win the first 12 (unlikely) that’ll be it. If we lose 12 a lot…it could be 24 (let’s hope not). Listen in and follow our progress and hear our trials and tribulations.

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