Ep 4. Pandemic Legacy – February in Review (and our important realization) (GSC102)

In this episode we debrief after our play-through of February and our discussion leads to a HUGE realization in hindsight that we accidentally re-infected a disease that had been eradicated. We check in with rules-owl-bear-Jess about changing one of our game-end upgrades. If you’re worried about spoilers make sure to hold off on this episode until you’ve played February in your own game (then rejoin us for this episode).

There’s plenty of additional context for this debrief, if you’re interested, which can be found in our February play-through episode.

This episode is part of a series of episodes running through our campaign of Pandemic Legacy, which includes between 12-24 games depending on how well we do. If we win the first 12 (unlikely) that’ll be it. If we lose a lot…it could be 24 (let’s hope not). Listen in to follow our progress and hear our trials and tribulations.

w/ Matt Anderson, Jess Anderson, Jenn, Chas

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