Ep 4. Pandemic Legacy – February (Actual Play) (GSC101.5)

This is the audio from our actual live play recorded during our second game of Pandemic Legacy and we don’t quite know what is coming our way. In this episode we validate rules for what has changed then proceed to play through February. If you’re worried about spoilers make sure to hold off on this episode until you’ve played to this point in your own game (then rejoin us for this episode).

If you’d rather skip straight to our debrief go right ahead, otherwise enjoy everything that happens in our this play-through.

Show Notes

(Time Code - Milestone)
0:01 - Rules & setup
0:11 - Initial infections
0:16 - Choosing funded events
0:36 - Choosing characters
0:43 - Let the game begin!
0:48 - Brief break for visitors
0:51 - Let's power through, gang!
0:56 - Epidemic #1
1:00 - Epidemic #2
1:10 - Cure #1
1:38 - Epidemic #3…we just need the world not to explode
1:41 - Cure
1:41 - Game end
1:45 - Upgrade selection

w/ Matt Anderson, Jess Anderson, Jenn, Chas

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