The Gateway Game Shelf

Board games have probably changed from what you remember from when you were younger–that’s certainly the case for us. Jess and I both have fond memories of playing tabletop/board games when we were kids, but somewhere along the way there weren’t any games that kept our interest (we played video games instead…and still do, but that’s another story).

Our gaming tendencies changed in the mid 2000’s when we tried out some newer board games that were challenging and fun, without taking hours of focus and practice to learn and play.

Ever since, we have been introducing our friends to new games–specifically games that are easy to pick up even if you’re not a gamer. The Gateway Game Shelf Podcast is where we chat about some of our favorite tabletop games that act as a gateway into this hobby we love. Are you new to playing games or looking for ideas of what games to play?

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