Ep 15. Pandemic Legacy – July (take 2) in Review (GSC108)

In this episode we debrief after our second crack at July. Jenn had to run before we recorded this debrief (the playthroughs on this day took quite a while) and we do get a little off track in the middle when Chas asks a simple question about lightsabers, and Matt starts in with (movie-spoiler-free) Star Wars facts. We do get back on topic. Eventually.

There’s plenty of additional context for this debrief, if you’re interested, which can be found in our companion play-through episode.

This episode is part of a series of episodes running through our campaign of Pandemic Legacy. We’ve made it through and have between 5-10 games remaining depending on how well we do. Listen in to follow our progress and hear our trials and tribulations.

w/ Matt Anderson, Jess AndersonChas

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